CJU 2006 : Sarah Fay

CJU Keynote Address: Sarah Fay – Isobar

“Creating Time” – The New Brand Challenge

Sarah start with a new definition for CPA – Constant Partial Attention

I can see this session is going to be tough to blog – lots of graphs. She starts with a graph of how alternative media devices have penetrated our daily lives.

Sarah predicts that by the year 2020 – 80% of all media will be digital and very fragmented and personalized.

There is an imbalance of spend – more time is being spent online than other mediums, however the marketing dollars are spent more on offline channels.

The New Digital Consumer

Consumer is in control
Advertising avoidance
Mobile (over 10bn text messages per month in the US)

A lot of this looks regurgitated from the works & talks of guys like Chris Anderson, Steve Jobs, etc. I’m not finding it particularly interesting at this point, probably because I’ve heard this all before. The next bit of stuff was quite fun though.

From buying time to creating time

The brands that will win are those whose consumers tell the best stories.

In practice : Creating Brand Time

Adidas : Social Networking

Created a custom MySpace page video-submission contest, adidas soccer player pages and Ad builder feature

Results: In 6 weeks, 1MM page views, 55k+ friends, 22k+ ads created

Electronic Arts – The Godfather video game launch

Guerilla campaign involving 30,000 oranges (stickered with URL) placed among heavy commuter routes on launch day in NY, Chicago & San Fran, driving people to web site featuring game footage.

Veronica Mars – Building Community through Mobile

Website traffic increased 500%
8% click through on WAP ads
Ratings for the show doubled
Subscription increased 100% week over week for the 3 week duration of the program
New Horizons

Possibilities to Sell
Possibilities to interact
Possibilities to connect

When creating time, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is just one many important score keeping measures.  You have to pay attention to metrics like Direct Response & Branding.  Is the customers connection to our brand giving a greater brand value.

How do we measure and improve?

It needs to be metrics based, but overall brand building should be part of the process.