End of CJU

The last day at CJU was pretty cool, gave out lots of business cards – I spoke at the session “What Makes Publishers Tick”. I was clearly outgunned when Todd Friesen made his opening statement: “I’m an evil Google spammer who sits in the basement and cycles through domain names and websites – but I make you money”.

Todd is a great guy, with admittedly dodgy, yet effective Search Engine Spamming (not optimization) techniques. What’s the difference? He is a solo operator who makes alot of money on a continous stream of short term revenue generators – he is not trying to build any brands.

When you have a website – the worst thing that could possibly happen, is getting banned from Google. Todd doesn’t care, and why should he, he’ll just change domains and start getting more traffic onto another domain name – it works for him – he doesn’t want a brand. For companies that do want to protect their brand name, their SEO had better be straight up – avoid any techniques which could lead to removal from Google’s index. Have a look at http://auction.bidthenbuy.com , for a site with a pagerank of 0 – it’s not bad that we have 350 pages indexed already!

Incidently, we had dinner with Todd tonite and he’s a great guy! If you’re lucky enough to get him to promote your program – just make sure he uses his own domain names :-)